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Theme and Font in Emacs

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Theme and font almost drove me nuts when I first try to configure Emacs by myself (instead of using Spacemacs). They don’t “just work”, at least for me, at that time. In this post I introduce some basic information about themes and font setting in Emacs and how do I configure them.


A theme is basically a set of faces. You can enable (apply) a theme by load-theme and disable a theme by disable-theme. If you installed some theme but cannot find it when you invoke load-theme, it’s probably because the theme file is not in custom-theme-load-path. By default it only contains user-emacs-directory, a.k.a. ~/.emacs.d.


Face is the styling of a piece of text in Emacs. It controls the background color, foreground color, weight, underline, slant, etc. For more information see (Info) Face. A full list of available attributes see (Info) Face Attributes.

My configuration

First we want to be able to toggle between several most used themes. I use two themes — a light theme and a dark theme.

(defvar luna-toggle-theme-list ()
  "Themes that you can toggle bwtween by `luna-switch-theme'")

(defun luna-switch-theme ()
  "Switch between themes in `luna-toggle-theme-list'"
  ;; move the fist element to last
  (let ((index (or (cl-position luna-current-theme luna-toggle-theme-list)
                   (progn (message "`luna-current-theme' is not in `luna-toggle-theme-list', default to the first one") 0)))
        (len (length luna-toggle-theme-list)))
    (luna-load-theme (nth (% (1+ index) len) luna-toggle-theme-list) t)))

We also want a hook that run whenever theme changes. To be honest, I forgot why I add the condition case. You can remove it and see what happens.

(defvar luna-load-theme-hook ()
  "Hook ran after `load-theme'")

(defun luna-run-load-theme-hook (&rest _)
  "Run `luna-load-theme-hook'."
  (condition-case err
      (run-hook-with-args 'luna-load-theme-hook)
    ((error (message (error-message-string err))))))

(advice-add #'load-theme :after #'luna-run-load-theme-hook)

Because loading a custom theme is just applying a bunch of faces, you can load multiple theme on top of each other. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to have the “curent theme”. But I never use multiple themes at once and I need to know the current theme from time to time. So I just record the last loaded theme as the “current theme”.

(defun luna-set-current-theme (theme &rest _)
  "Adveiced before `load-theme', set `luna-current-theme' to THEME."
  (setq luna-current-theme theme))

(advice-add #'load-theme :before #'luna-set-current-theme)

If you load theme A on startup, and switch to theme B, then shut down Emacs, next time when you start Emacs, theme A will be loaded. Intuitively you would expect theme B, so you need something to remember the theme loaded and load that theme on startup. Customize is a “beginner friendly way to configure Emacs”, but everyone I mostly use it as a session persistent storage.

Every time I use luna-switch-theme or luna-load-theme, the new theme is recorded.

(defcustom luna-theme nil
  "The theme used on startup.
This way luanrymacs remembers the theme."
  :type 'symbol
  :group 'convenience)

(defun luna-load-theme (&optional theme no-confirm no-enable)
  "Disable `luna-currnt-theme' and oad THEME.
Set `luna-theme' to THEME."
  (disable-theme luna-current-theme)
  (load-theme (or theme luna-theme (car luna-toggle-theme-list)) no-confirm no-enable)
  (when (or theme (not (custom-variable-p 'luna-theme)))
    (customize-set-variable 'luna-theme theme)))

Then in init.el I simply have

(luna-load-theme nil t)


Emacs, fonts and fontsets explains how does fonts work in Emacs and how to set them.

My configuration

Similar to theme, I have facility to select a font to load and remember the last font loaded.

(defcustom luna-font nil
  "Like `luna-theme', used to cache configuration across sessions."
  :type 'string
  :group 'convenience)

(defcustom luna-cjk-font nil
  "Like `luna-font'."
  :type 'string
  :group 'convenience)

(defvar luna-font-alist
  '((sf-mono-13 . (:family "SF Mono" :size 13)))
  "An alist of all the fonts you can switch between by `luna-load-font'.
Key is a symbol as the name, value is a plist specifying the font spec.
More info about spec in `font-spec'.")

(defvar luna-cjk-font-alist
  '((soure-han-serif-13 . (:family "Source Han Serif SC"
                                   :size 13)))
  "Similar to `luna-font-alist' but used for CJK scripts.
Use `luna-load-cjk-font' to load them.")

(defun luna-load-font (&optional font-name)
  "Prompt for a font and set it.
Fonts are specified in `luna-font-alist'.

Changes are saved to custom.el in a idle timer."
  (interactive (list
                (completing-read "Choose a font: "
                                 (mapcar (lambda (cons) (symbol-name (car cons)))

  (let* ((arg font-name)
         (font-name (or font-name luna-font))
         (font (apply #'font-spec
                      (if font-name (alist-get (intern font-name)
                        (cdar luna-font-alist)))))
    (set-frame-font font nil t)
    ;; seems that there isn't a good way to get font-object directly
    (add-to-list 'default-frame-alist `(font . ,(face-attribute 'default :font)))
    (when (or arg (not (custom-variable-p 'luna-font)))
      (customize-set-variable 'luna-font font-name))))

(defun luna-load-cjk-font (&optional font-name)
  "Prompt for a font and set it.
Fonts are specified in `luna-font-alist'.

Changes are saved to custom.el in a idle timer."
  (interactive (list
                (completing-read "Choose a font: "
                                 (mapcar (lambda (cons) (symbol-name (car cons)))
  (let* ((arg font-name)
         (font-name (or font-name luna-cjk-font))
         (font-spec (apply #'font-spec
                           (if font-name
                               (alist-get (intern font-name)
                             (cdar luna-cjk-font-alist)))))
    (dolist (charset '(kana han cjk-misc))
      (set-fontset-font t charset font-spec))
    (when (or arg (not (custom-variable-p 'luna-cjk-font)))
      (customize-set-variable 'luna-cjk-font font-name))))

In init.el I write


Written by Yuan Fu

First Published on 2019-08-03 Sat 11:38

Last modified on 2020-09-12 Sat 16:10

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