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Cool URI Does not Change

I recently read this article: Cool URIs don't change. (found it on this blog)

To summary:

  1. URI (should) never change
  2. As a webmaster (I like this word!) you should name URIs to last.
  3. To design a ever-lasting URI:
    • What to use in URI:
      1. Created time, it never changes. For example the year. Another advantage of using created year is that, when you refer back to /2018/pics/ 200 years later, you know that it mean what pic means in 2018 instead of in 2218.
    • What to leave out (basically anything that might change):
      1. Authors name.
      2. Subject. The author of the original article claims that it changes surprisingly fast.
      3. Access. Like group access, personal access, public access, etc.
      4. File name extension.
      5. Software mechanisms. Such as cgi, exce, rb, etc.

Written by Yuan Fu

First Published on 2018-09-11 Tue 00:00

Last modified on 2020-09-12 Sat 16:10

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